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Installing VMware Server on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

I found a great post at MakeTechEasier I changed it a little and posted it.

You will be building kernel specific files so you need to have the proper header files installed for your kernel along with something to compile it.

If you are using 64 bits system, you have to install 32bit compatibility files

Download VMware Server 1.0.6

Download the patch file vmware-any-any-update-116.tgz

Extract the downloaded files

Run the VMware Server installer

You will be prompted to answer some questions. Press Enter to select the default answer. When it reaches the point that requires you to run, type No. The installer will exit. Next, apply the patch

This time, press Enter for all the questions and enter Yes to run the Once it has finished compiling, you should now see the VMware console in your Applications->Other. The first time you run vmware use the console by typing vmware in the terminal. If there are any errors it will tell us. If it says it can’t find some files all we need to do is copy them from the /usr/lib directory.

For 64 bit users

That’s it. Your VMware Server should be working now.